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Directions to Bamfield


A number of options are available for visitors to Bamfield.


By Car


Since it is most common for people to drive in, we'll give you more detail about that here:

  1. Get to Port Alberni and follow the highway signs. Sounds easy ... but it's not!

  2. Shortly after leaving Port Alberni you'll come to 75 km of unpaved gravel road. 

  3. Signage is good and the road well maintained but it is a twisty narrow gravel logging road. There are limits to what you can expect.

  4. Please be cautious with your speed and travel safely.

  5. Be aware that you may come across logging trucks - they have the right-of-way ... plus they're a lot bigger than you and they always win.

  6. Approach all bridges with care - they are all narrow and a single vehicle wide.

  7. When on a gravel road be cautious with your speed down hills and going into corners.

  8. Consider others that may be on the road and pull over to allow them past if they are overtaking you.

  9. Services are not available so make sure you have enough gas for both ways. You may wish to check fluid levels and carry water with you as well.

  10. It is also wise to ensure that your vehicle's spare tire and jack are in good condition - just in case!

Now that we've scared you ... please relax, it's not that bad. The road is well travelled and maintained ... but it is unpaved and subject to change.

Travellers tend to help each other if needed, but it's always best to be self sufficient, prepared ... and safe!

Check the Bamfield Road FaceBook page before leaving for any updates on the highway.


Fly In


There are several sea plane services that can get you into Bamfield Harbour.  Here are just a few:

 - Pacific SeaPlanes   1 (855) WeFlyBC  (933.5922)

 - Seair Seaplanes  1 (866) 692-6440

 - Harbour Air Seaplanes     1 (800) 665-0212


Via Bus


West Coast Trail Express starts from Victoria to Nanaimo and all the way into Bamfield. (Service only from May 1 - Sept. 30)


Via Boat


The Lady Rose Marine Service has a year round passenger ferry three times weekly from Port Alberni to Bamfield.


BC Ferries


Information on BC Ferry schedules to get to Vancouver Island to start your trip check here.

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